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Nihon Cyber Defence



Tetsuya Kodama

Executive Director
Senior Executive Advisor

Tetsuya Kodama has spent 40 years career in the financial industry.

At Barclays, as FINTECH, DX changed the financial industry into a client information / data business, he focused on the importance of Cyber Security, increasing the dialogue with relevant parties both locally and globally. And as Vice Chairman for Asia Pacific for the last 3 years, in addition to being a member of the Asia Pacific Management team, strengthened the governance and linkage between the countries of operation in the region.

Tetsuya Kodama has been an advocate for change in the world of Cyber in Japan for the past 10 years and has often spoken on the topic both in industry and government.
He has not only long experience in advising clients on both finding the best funding opportunities in the global Capital Markets as well as analysing and managing the various risks they face, but also has coped with the recurring major financial crises both domestic and global.

At the Industrial Bank of Japan, in the 1990s whilst posted in London, he experienced the aftermath of the financial crisis in Japan resulting from the bursting of the bubble economy. This was followed in 1997-1998 by the Asian Financial Crisis, where he was deeply involved and worked with the relevant governments / agencies and the ADB to support the recovery of Asian countries. While at Deutsche Bank Group, he worked closely with the regulators on the response to the Lehman Crisis in 2008-2009, followed by the Greek/EU Debt crisis in 2010-2011.

Through this process, he has established a solid trust and relationship with governments, regulators, public entities, major financial institutions and corporations, both domestic and international.

Tetsuya Kodama has a LLM from Harvard Law School, and a LLB from the University of Tokyo.