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Incident Management

Incident Management With Nihon Cyber Defence delivered protective services and monitoring solutions, the potential for an attack can be significantly reduced. However, with constantly evolving attacks and methods being developed, by the criminal and state actors, incidents can still occur. By having experienced and expert incident managers and responders immediately available we can reduce the impact of the attack and significantly reduce the business disruption and commercial impact ensuring early recovery and remediation. Our Incident Management Teams are available 24 x 7 x 365.
UK / Ireland Incident Reports – 0800 915 3652
Japan Incident Reports – 050 1807 6251 

Why Incident Management is Important?

It is important to note that a cyber incident affecting a business is not solely a technical response. Whilst this will be a priority to identify the attack methods utilised and prevent further attacks, the business disruption, impact mitigation and reputational responses are as important. It is vital to have the necessary support
in place to ensure an immediate and early response
through our dedicated incident coordinators.

Our Services for Incident Management

Our service packages address these concerns and give confidence to a Board and Executives that they are protected and supported from the increasing cyber threat. Our Incident management service focuses on five key response strands to fully resolve and manage an incident. Our expert and highly experienced incident coordinators and support teams are experienced in all aspects of the incident management and response. 

From the initial report, a dedicated incident management coordinator will be allocated and work with all internal leads and teams as well as external partners to manage the response. This response will be focused on the NCD response prioritisation model to enable rapid recovery and mitigation.

We offer a range of incident management retainer options to ensure that you are preparedand ready for any malicious attacks. These are tailored to your organisational requirements and compliment any existing security solutions to ensure early remediations and mitigations.

Our Core Response

Nihon Cyber Defence are experienced in responding
to a full range of incident types, irrespective of the
motivation be that hostile state activity, financially
motivated, hacktivism, Intellectual property theft,
insider threats and any other disruption
or impactive motivation . These incident types can