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Nihon Cyber Defence


The risk of your organisation falling victim to a cyber-attack continues to grow, with government estimates indicating that nearly half of all UK businesses had experienced some form of attack, data breach or system interruption in the last year alone. These incidents can have serious financial, reputational, legal, and regulatory consequences and can no longer be ignored. 

The Nihon Cyber Defence (NCD) team offers a wide range of cyber security solutions and services to suit our client’s requirements. We work in collaboration with your IT and security teams to deliver robust cyber strategies, vulnerability and security assessments, environment monitoring, incident response capabilities, recovery guidance, and an extensive portfolio of other advisory services to help you defend, detect, and respond when faced with advanced cyber threats.

What We Offer

Our Services

A global defence company headquartered in Japan protecting national infrastructure and organisations against cyber attack


With decades of experience in the cyber security, our experts are drawn from leaders in government agencies, law enforcement, and industry. We are seasoned in advising all sectors, on all aspects of cyber security issues and protection.

Our Key Benefits

Preparation is key in preventing and reducing the impact of cyberattacks. Nihon Cyber Defence offer a range of protective services to ensure that organisations are prepared and ready for the inevitable attackor incident

Our Key Benefits

Our security testing enables you to find weak points in your systems, enabling you to remedy shortcomings before attackers exploit them. It covers the following areas:

Our Key Benefits

Incident Management With Nihon Cyber Defence delivered protective services and monitoring solutions, the potential for an attack can be significantly reduced. However, with constantly evolving attacks and methods being developed, by the criminal and state actors, incidents can still occur. By having experienced and expert incident managers and responders immediately available we can reduce the impact of the attack and significantly reduce the business disruption and commercial impact ensuring early recovery and remediation. Our Incident Management Teams are available 24 x 7 x 365.

UK / Ireland Incident Reports – 0800 915 3652
Japan Incident Reports – 050 1807 6251

Our Key Benefits

Nihon Cyber defence will provide a holistic, cradle to grave solution for clients that become the victim of a cyberattack or its repercussions. The customisable service pack includes access to an extensive range of specialists providing the full suite of overt and covert services necessary to mitigate, manage and recover from a cyber-attack.

The above solutions can be customized and combined to meet your organisation’s specific needs.