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Nihon Cyber Defence



Major General Kazuo Tokito (JASDF Ret.) Registered Information Security Specialist (No.021515)

Non-Executive Director Senior Executive Advisor

Major General Kazuo Tokito (Ret.) has had an extensive career as a communications and systems officer working on radar sites and sector operation centres within the Japan Self Defence Force (JASDF).  He has led many cyber security projects as the chief of the C4 systems division (A6) of the Air Staff Office. In addition, he was in the past the commanding officer of the Patriot Missile Group and Air Wing of JASDF.

Significant engagements included the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and the Tsunami disaster at Matsushima Air Base, where he led the restoration of the base and disaster relief operations as a Director of C4 and Cyber (J6) within the Joint Staff Office.

Upon retirement from the JASDF as vice commander of Northern Air Defence Command he was appointed as an advisor within the Defence Systems Group at Hitachi Ltd.  

Kazuo Tokito Graduated from National Defence Academy in electrical engineering in 1985. He graduated from the Air Self-Defence Force Officer Candidate School in Computer Science in 1989 with a PhD (Engineering). Major General Tokito is a guest researcher at the JASDF Air Command and Staff College.