London – Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park Mansion serves as the London office of Nihon Cyber Defence UK offering Cyber Services primarily to Japanese Corporate Entities in the UK.

Bletchley Park is a place of exceptional historical importance. It remains highly relevant to our lives today and for the future. It is the home of British codebreaking and a birthplace of modern information technology. It played a major role in World War Two, producing secret intelligence which had a direct and profound influence on the outcome of the conflict.

ブレッチリー・パーク (Bletchley Park) は、イギリス バッキンガムシャー ミルトン・キーンズ ブレッチリー(英語版)にある庭園と邸宅。かつてのステーションX (Station X) の暗号名でも知られる。


Nihon Cyber Defence

Bletchley Park (Home of the Enigma Code Breakers)

The Mansion, Bletchley Park
Sherwood Drive, Bletchley
Milton Keynes, MK3 6EB
United Kingdom