Government Advisory

We offer governments strategic consulting on cyber security, and can help design and implement infrastructure to protect national and local governments, enabling them to respond to any threats in a proactive manner.


National Infrastructure

We can help create robust national infrastructure by providing security frameworks, training and security monitoring, and coordinating security testing with relevant government bodies. Our incident response solutions help contain and address any threats. We can additionally help with proactive techniques such as threat intelligence, helping to thwart attacks before they begin.


Heavy Industry

We understand how to protect the industrial control systems and associated infrastructure that heavy industry depends upon, and can design bespoke information security frameworks and provide incident response and recovery solutions.


Finance & Legal

Financial institutions are leading targets of cyber-attacks and espionage, offering cyber-criminals multiple avenues for profit through extortion, theft, and fraud. Our solutions for the defence of this sector range from security testing and monitoring through to digital forensics and threat intelligence.



Manufacturing is exposed to many cyber risks including intellectual property theft and counterfeiting of designs by competitors; these can cost huge sums in terms of foregone revenues. Our ‘Risk and Governance’ services help maintain control over research and development activities, our training helps manufacturers understand their risk profile and our security monitoring helps alert companies to any threats.



The public disclosure of personal medical records is the primary cyber risk faced by healthcare institutions. We help protect all such sensitive data by means of rigorous security testing and monitoring.


Retail & E-Commerce

Famous retail names are under constant threat from direct hacking, denial of service and fraudulent imitation, which costs them or their customers billions of dollars annually. Our solutions enable the creation of secure, monitored and robust transaction infrastructures incorporating testing, monitoring and incident response capabilities.



cyber range

Intelligence-driven training on real-world threat actors in a simulated environment

Confidentiality + Trust + Protection

The Strategy

Cyber Range training provides opportunities for security professionals to analyse real world threats and TTPs without the risk of compromising their own network. Cyber Range can emulate trending TTPs specific to industries and tailored to different organisations around the globe


Cyber Range can emulate an organization’s network environment that is safe for vulnerability assessments and other testing scenarios. It creates a second environment apart from live networks that organizations can use to improve their system without disrupting operations. Cyber Range can help organizations restructure their security posture by preparing teams for current real-world threats. It helps organizations mitigate cyber risk by taking the time to assess and decide where to focus their resources based on current threats and critical vulnerabilities.



Professionals from different backgrounds can carry out tabletop exercises to speculate critical levels of their own network environment. IT professionals, compliance, threat analysts and internal audit teams can most definitely benefit from Cyber Range.

Students can apply their knowledge in a simulated environment using Cyber Range. Academic institutions can use Cyber Range to host seminars like Capture the Flag events. It’s an encouraging opportunity for students because they get a chance to apply their skills to current scenarios. Students can hone their skills and understand common practices before entering the workforce. Cyber Range is a military grade training tool that helps people enter the cybersecurity industry.

Educators can use Cyber Range in classroom environment to help students grow different skill sets.

According to NIST, organizations can use Cyber Range to evaluate and assess their cyber capabilities. Cyber Range can also help mitigate risk by prioritizing their focus on vulnerabilities in need of immediate attention. It’s a training environment that helps to equip everyone involved with necessary skills and awareness to combat threat actors. 


  • Emulates interactive environment that is safe to make changes without disrupting live operation
  • Provides a learning environment for users to hone their skills
  • Helps prepare internal protocols in case of an attack
  • Helps create a playbook
  • Practice environment to carry out current threat scenarios to conduct cyber due diligence
  • Trains cybersecurity professionals (e.g. CISO, QA team, Threat Intelligence Analyst)
  • Testing environment for SIEM, EDR, UBA and other security tools


The US Department of Defense, the UK Ministry of Defence and other countries have recognized cyberspace as a warfare domain and expects cyber-attacks to be part all future conflicts. Many big companies, especially in finance sector, has flagged cybersecurity as one of top priorities to ensure business continuity. Though, despite efforts to spread cyber hygiene awareness by well-established organizations, it is rather perplexing to think that, as a finding of the review, is there a supporting consensus to make cybersecurity their top priority.

Cybersecurity tends to go unrecognized because the gap between nontechnical and technical employees. For example, communicating cybersecurity concepts to C-suite executives is especially difficult because it is difficult to quantify risks.

Cyber Range can help everyone involved understand their system and mitigate risks by prioritizing their focus on vulnerabilities in need of immediate attention. It also helps organizations restructure their security posture by helping them reallocate resources and create playbooks to equip employees with skills and awareness to combat cyber-attacks.

Nihon Cyber Defence Threat Analysts and Cybersecurity Consultants are continuously researching current threats and TTPs. Our Threat Intelligence driven Cyber Range training can help companies prepare their teams by focusing on current threats and TTPs tailored to their specific industry in their specific country.